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By Laws

The Committee on Education shall:
1. Be a Standing Committee consisting of at least four members and one Chairman, who will sit as a non-voting member of the Executive Committee and the Council.
2. Be responsible to the Executive Committee for all matters concerning the education of biochemists and molecular biologists and the teaching of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Americas, and especially in those areas where Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are less well developed.
3. Acquaint itself with all modern methods and technologies of instruction and dissemination of knowledge and act as a source of advice on these matters.
4. Act to distribute grants in support of educational activities on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, according to guidelines that are approved by the Executive Committee. Applications are evaluated and voted on by the Committee as a whole. The funds available to the Committee for these purposes shall be spent according to guidelines approved by the Treasurer, grantees being accountable to the Treasurer for the expenditure of fund and to the Committee in the matter of rendering a report on the activity under support.
5. Seek to augment the budget provided to it by making proposals to IUBMB through the Liaison Officer, and to other organizations that support educational activities.
6. Make the educational activities of PABMB known to the Member Societies and to the IUBMB and the other Regional Organizations.
7. Promote the holding of discussions and exhibitions on educational subjects at PABMB Congresses and national meetings of the Member Societies.
8. Arrange and/or sponsor discussions, courses, workshops or other educational activities appropriate for the education of biochemists and molecular biologists.
9. Ensure that the ICSU recommendations on free circulation of scientists are adhered to in all activities arranged and/or sponsored by it.
10. Handle all financial transactions related to sponsorship of activities through the Treasurer of PABMB.
11. Meet when the opportunity presents itself such as scientific meetings and maintain contact on a regular basis.
12. Keep records of all its meetings, the activities it arranges and/or sponsors and reports requested on all such activities.
13. Advertise its activities and policies through the PABMB website.
14. Ensure that the PABMB’s logo is used on all publications related to the activities it sponsors.
The Committee on Congresses and Symposia shall:
1. Be a Standing Committee consisting of at least four members and one Chairman, who will sit as a non-voting member of the Executive Committee and the Council.
2. Promote Congresses and Symposia on topics of current interest in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
3. In appropriate cases, encourage and if possible arrange joint sponsorship with other organizations, such as other Regional Organizations.
4. Receive and evaluate, scientific and fiscally, all proposals for Congresses and Symposia, be responsible for them to the PABMB Executive Committee, and report to the EC on all these activities.
5. Establish and periodically review guidelines concerning procedures to be observed by applicants, and receive the approval of the Executive Committee for these guidelines and any substantial alterations to them.
6. Ensure that all activities it sponsors are widely advertised in the PABMB website, and request cooperation for advertisement in the publications of IUBMB and Regional Organizations.
7. Seek to augment the Committee’s budget by obtaining grants from interested bodies, by joint sponsorships, and by matching funds.
8. Require that in any publications ensuing from a sponsored activity the name and logo of PABMB are used.
9. For Symposia, require that two months before the activity takes place application be made to the PABMB Treasurer for payment of the grant specifying whether the payment should be by mailing of a cheque to the organization or individual or by wire transfer to a specified bank account.
10. Maintain records of all applications, keep the treasurer fully informed of all commitments made, operate within the budgets allocated to it, ensure that meeting organizers submit full reports after the event and share these with the Executive Committee members.
PABMB Congresses are held triennially in countries that are members of the Association. Additionally, Congresses organized by IUBMB or the other Regional Organizations can be jointly sponsored by PABMB. The guidelines below apply only to the PABMB Congresses. Applications to host an PABMB Congress.

Applications from Member Societies to host a PABMB Congress should be submitted to and will be reviewed by the Committee on Congresses and Symposia, according to the following criteria:

1. Time since the last PABMB Congress was held in that country;
2. Evidence of availability of appropriate infrastructure and facilities;
3. Attractiveness of the venue;
4. Estimated attendance, cost and ease of travel to the venue for interested scientists.

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