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PABMB support to symposia

Alternatively to the PABMB Lecture, the affiliated Society can request support for a PABMB Symposiumto be held in its Annual Meeting (Both programs are mutually exclusive alternatives).
The Symposium should include the participation of 3-4 speakers members of different PABMB AffiliatedSocieties. One of them may be resident in the country hosting the event. PABMB will provide up to US$ 2,000 to cover part of travel and/or hosting expenses of the speakers.
The Meeting Organizing Committee should submit the applications before September 30 for Meetings programmed for January-June of the following year or before March 31 for Meetings programmed for July-December of the same year. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their requests within one month.
The Organizing Committee will receive the PABMB grant by cheque or bank transfer to an account of their choice from the PABMB Treasurer.
Application Guideline
The applicant Society has to complete the appropriate PABMB Symposium Application Form, which can be downloaded from the PABMB homepage (Application Forms).
The application must be filled in and sent to the Secretary General Prof. Alicia Gonzalez Manjarrez (

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